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A Cardiology Practice with a Holistic Approach.

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Our unique approach

At Arizona Heart 360, you will be treated with the highest level of attention that you deserve. 
Our personalized approach respects each patient’s specific cardiovascular needs. We offer an integrative approach that connects the dots for you and looks beyond simple traditional medicine. Our philosophy at Arizona Heart 360 is always listen carefully to the patient and treat every patient like you would your family member. 

Integrative Approach

Heart Health & cholesterol are affected by multiple factors including diet, weight, stress, and lifestyle choices - many of which are within our control. Our approach, often utilizing natural and less invasive options when applicable, can keep you heart healthy.

Heart-healthy Lifestyle

We take the time needed to speak with you about your diet, work and personal stress, exercise pattern and weight goals, lifestyle modification, as well as addressing familial patterns of heart disease so we can focus on the prevention of heart attacks.

Holistic Philosophy

Having autoimmune or other inflammation driven diseases can impact your heart health. For example, thyroid conditions and rheumatoid arthritis can affect the heart. Because of this fact, we explore the connections between them to address the root cause not just your symptoms.


We listen to you. We don't rush you. A doctor should spend the time to hear you out. The care is personalized to best address your unique concerns.

Meet The Doctor

Sarika Desai, D.O.

I have special expertise in providing a comprehensive cardiovascular risk assessment, particularly evaluating those with a complex clinical history, including younger patients with high cholesterol that runs in the family, those with atypical risk factors, POTS, and those with a strong family history of cardiovascular disease.

I determine your cardiovascular risk by assessing:

  • Risk factors, such as cholesterol, diet, weight, and blood pressure
  • Lifestyle 
  • A detailed family history of heart disease
  • Investigating for underlying inflammatory conditions
  • Imaging tests of the heart and blood vessels
  • Advanced blood tests as needed


We want to get to know you


Arizona Heart 360 is a top rated cardiology practice that offers a comprehensive cardiovascular evaluation and listens to the needs of patients. 

Featured in the News

Dr. Desai was named “Cardiologist of the Year” in Arizona by the American College of Cardiology in 2017. She has been featured in numerous publications including the Arizona Republic. Fox 10 News has interviewed Dr. Desai about stress and heart disease, showcasing her passion for generating awareness about heart disease.   


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