Holistic Cardiology

Our Approach

At Arizona Heart 360, we recognize that patients often are told to start a heart healthy by their physicians, but what does that mean for you? Every patient is unique, has different eating habits or restrictions, and deserves a personalized approach. We provide patients with a nutrition plan, exercise guidance, and an actual plan on how to achieve their heart healthy goals.


We see it Differently

We also recognize that stress and negative emotions can play a role, therefore we want to work with patients to identify those factors and address them with our colleagues who practice acupuncture, yoga, exercise, and/or psychological/psychiatric therapy.

We do not replace guideline directed medical therapy for the heart, particularly when it comes to saving the lives of our heart patients. However, we work in a balanced environment so that the patient can achieve their maximal heart health. We recognize that over 170 million Americans take supplements in efforts to affect their heart health and we are not afraid to talk about or use some of them as adjunct therapy including fish oil or turmeric.

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