Preventative Cardiology

Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death among both men and women in the United States, taking the lives of 655,000 Americans yearly (CDC National Center for Health Statistics). Among females  20 and older between 2013-2016, 44.7% had some form of cardiovascular disease. Among females and older between 2013-2016, 43.4% of non-Hispanic (NH) whites had CVD; 57.1% of African-Americans, 42.6% of Hispanics, and 37.2% of Asians. Females represent nearly 50% of deaths from heart disease. 

We see it Differently

While conventional medicine does offer patients treatment plans with medications, stents, bypass surgeries, etc., preventative cardiology can be more complex in that it focuses on detecting heart problems in the first place. I review and identify risk factors such as family history of heart disease, blood pressure, stress factors, psychosocial factors, cholesterol levels and genetics.

The 360 Approach

At Arizona Heart 360, you will find plans tailored for you, with specific lifestyle recommendations and medication management as needed.

I take an in depth look at how other medical issues may be affecting your heart as well such as hypo or hyperthyroidism.

We perform:

  • Cardiac Ultrasounds
  • EKGs. 

I take the time to counsel and educate patients on developing or adding to a healthy lifestyle.


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