She was the first one to listen to me as a person. I saw many male doctors who were quick to make assumptions and didn’t care to hear my odd symptoms!!!!! I can’t even begin to explain how her and Dr. Goodman changed my life! She made a referral to Mayo Clinic and that transition and connection went well and instead of going through 10 other doctors she knew which one to point me to. I would like to add that she diagnosed me properly, but sent me to someone who could further treat me. This review is long over due.
Anita Lindsey
Surprise, AZ
Prior to Dr. Desai, all Doctors and Specialists I had seen, seemed to have the same approach. Tests, tests, and more tests and when those test results came back "normal", they would send me back to the referring Doctor or on to the next Specialist. Dr. Desai was the first Doctor who sat down and took the time to listen to my story. The first Doctor to tell me, "it's not all in your head". She has helped me to take control of my health and begin to regain quality of life. The team at Arizona Heart 360 are all so professional, friendly, and compassionate. I highly recommend this practice to anyone, especially those who have POTS/Dysautonomia and or EDS.
Helen Dalton
Mesa, AZ
Dr. Desai is the epitome of what a caring physician should be. You feel more like a member of the family than just a patient. As someone in the medical field, I see first hand how impersonal medical care can be. Dr. desai has elevated the standard of care I expect to receive from my physicians. I plan on keeping her as my cardiologist even when I move out of state!
Bernadette Brown
All staff at this location were cordial and just amazing. They listen to your concerns and address them without being dismissive like other doctors. I was running late for my first appointment and they still saw me and made me feel welcome. They are very attentive and two of the times I've been here, they have stayed past their closing time helping patients. Dr. Desai is empathetic and very knowledgable. She goes above and beyond for her patients and for this, I am truly grateful. This is a doctor that you can trust with both yours and your family health.
Miriam Rojas
Phoenix, AZ
My Cardiac issues began 14 years ago with a heart attack. Medical treatment was focused on surgery and medications. Dr. Desai's approach is different. She focuses on preventive care, which is much superior to the care that I received before. Dr. Desai is genuinely concerned about the patient and takes the time to discuss lifestyle issues and to make recommendations regarding diet, exercise and supplements. I am extremely happy that I have entrusted my cardio issues to Dr. Desai.
Ramesh Jagernauth
Peoria, AZ
I’m a 72 year old geezer with a chronic heart disease, that has been diagnosed for about 20 years. Over that time I have had several Cardilogists. They were all competent doctors. My last was my physician for over 6 years. He belonged to a huge practice, and they moved patients through by droves. They were always 30 to 60 minutes behind. My primary care physician recommended Dr. Desai, and after a single consult I knew she was the heart doctor for me. After several tests, she discovered the medicine I had been on for several years was helping with my heart, but it was also reacting with my lungs, causing shortness of breath and dizziness. She changed my medication, and this med also helps my heart, but with no lung side effects! Huge quality of life improvement! She and her staff are terrific. I feel like I won the Heart Doctor Lottery!!
William Culberson
Mesa, AZ

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